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Soul-Centered Personal Training, Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Metabolic Analytics.


Finally, a fitness mentor that will empower you with the training, nutrition, and supplement protocols for guaranteed success.

Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

More than a meal plan. Together we’ll craft a strategy that works with your tastes and your lifestyle to get you the results you want. We’ll practice nutritional changes, mindset development, and healthy living tactics from a place of self-care.

Metabolic Analytics

Body fat measuring that gets to the root of things. Find out what is causing excess fat storage and learn which targeted supplement protocol will have you shedding fat and feeling great.

Personal Training

Individual and small group workouts designed around you. Build strength, improve your fitness and increase your self-confidence.  No shaming, no yelling. Just encouragement, effective workouts and personal support to achieve your goals!


Soul-Centered Coaching

Have you been struggling to get the results you want in fitness? Do your efforts start strong and then fizzle out? Do you struggle with negative self-talk? Have you been thinking about working with a personal trainer? Let’s partner up to create the change you want! Together we’ll continue building a positive relationship with your thoughts, your body, and your eating patterns for long term wellness.

Results Focused Packages

Training Packages

Twice Per Week Training Packages

Three Times Per Week Training Packages

Metabolic Analytics Packages

*Reccomended Supplements will Require an Additional Investemnt

2x / Month

2 sessions per month
  • 2 x 1.25-hour sessions per month
  • Bi-weekly caliper measuring over 14 sites to determine your metabolic needs and track progress
  • Targeted nutrition mentoring tailored to your metabolic needs
  • Individualized supplement options to supercharge your fat loss                      (additional cost for supplements)
  • Save $100.00 per month

Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

2x / Month

Two Times Per Month
  • Bi-weekly 1 hour sessions of personalized nutrition
  • Atainiable Goal Setting
  • Accountability
  • No Packaged Foods
  • Shop at your Favorite Grocery Store
  • Step-by-step guidance for making changes that last

Don’t Want a Package?

Let’s go à la carte!

“I know you can get healthier and I am excited to prove it to you.”

Metabolic Analytics

Metabolic Analytics is an emerging, analytics-based health optimizing system developed for Olympic/ Professional athletes. It results in rapid, healthy fat loss, increased energy and improved overall health.

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Customized Training Plans

Bodies are not “One Size Fits All”, so neither should your fitness plan .  I will customize a plan to fit your needs, goals and interests.  We will work together to improve your fitness, your way.

Nutrition Mentorship

People get healthy in the gym, but they lose weight at the dinner table. I will help you do both!

I will equip you with solid strategies to find healthy options wherever you eat.


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